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Wheeler Mountain

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Ice on the way up to Wheeler Mt.
Wheeler Mt.

After hiking Brousseau Mountain I was itching to get back out on the trails. Its been another two weeks almost and that's two weeks too long. My son and I decided to go for a little hike not far from home. With Covid still running rapid it has been hard for any to do anything, but staying inside is not an option. I crave fresh air, trees...mountains! Wheeler Mountain is just a few miles from home and a hike I've been meaning to try for a long time.

View of the windmills
Wheeler Mt.

It was chilly starting our hike, but the sun was shining. The woods were quiet, not another soul out just us..perfect! This hike was a little longer than our last, but still pretty easy compared to the White Mountains in New Hampshire I'm use to hiking. The forest was beautiful and it felt so good to be back out in the woods. The fresh air and wind in my face was amazing after being stuck inside for so long.

Trail head sign
Wheeler Mt.

"When I saw the mountains the weight lifted and my restless spirit calmed...I knew I was where I belong. " -Unknown

As we gained elevation we dug out our micro spikes as snow and ice still remained. There was one section that still had a good amount of snow and was a bit slippery navigating up and down. Upon reaching the summit we walked along the cliff face with beautiful views. As we reached Eagle Rock it started snowing. My son started getting nervous that we would not be able to find the trail back. After climbing up Eagle Rock we headed back down. Once we were back in the tree line the snow stopped and began to melt again to my son's relief.

Snow was falling sun was shining
Wheeler Mt.

Wheeler Mountain:

Elevation Gain: 1,171 ft

Distance: 4.7 miles

Location: Sutton, VT

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Time Frame: 3-4 hours

Snowy view of Burke Mt.
Wheeler Mt.

"There are times when solitude is better than society, and silence is wiser than speech." - Charles Spurgeon
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