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Table Rock

Panoramic View
Table Rock

This was an amazing view point. The hike was short and easy. the drive from home took longer than it did to hike, but the view made it worth it it. If you‘re someone who is afraid of heights this one might make you a little woozy. the summit is basically a peninsula type ledge jetted out from the mountain. It’s pretty breathtaking. the climb itself is a pretty straight up incline but is very short. I wouldn’t recommend bringing dogs on this hike unless the are very well trained and even then would keep my dog leashed. The top is a straight down cliff on either side and could potentially be dangerous for dog and/or owner.

View of Balsams Resort
Balsams Resort

Table Rock:

Location: Dixville Notch near Colebrooke, N.H.

Distance: 1.7 miles out and back

Elevation Gain: 774 ft.

Rating: Easy

Looking over the edge
Table Rock

looking down from the edge
Table Rock

My son and I sitting on the edge on table rock
Table Rock

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