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North & South Percy Peak

The mountains have been calling to me. They challenge me and excite my soul. Each trail offers something new, something challenging and beauty in it's own way. It's a place for reflection and perseverance and offers an escape from the suffocating high speed reality of life we all live. This is my place of peace and where I go to find myself when I find myself feeling lost. The challenge of the trail is my therapy and the mountains are my cure for insanity.

Cairns mark the trail on the dome
North Percy Peak
The forest spoke to my soul in a language I already knew; a distant lullaby from the womb of peace and solitude.” - Angie Weiland-Crosby

North & South Percy Peaks:

Location: North Stratford, NH

Distance: 5.5 miles out and back. About 3.8 miles to do just North Percy.

Rating: Moderate - Hard

Time Frame: 3-5 hours

Elevation Gain: 2,493 ft.

Elevation: North Percy - 3,418 ft.

Go North 9er

View from dome
North Percy Peak

This was a beautiful hike and fairly easy. It didn’t get difficult until about the 2.5 mile mark. Upon reaching the fork, veer left to hit North Percy first. There was some rock climbing up until the dome. Cairns marked the rest of the way up to the summit. It was a awesome 360 degree view. I would not suggest making this trek while in rain or snow, rock slabs would become very dangerous. I soaked up the view for a while and let the wind blow in my face before making my way down the steep dome slab.

Coming back down veer left at the junction to head up South Percy. This was a short, but steep trail to the summit. There wasn't a summit marker of any kind but it had a nice view of North Percy. This is where i took a seat and cooked up my lunch and hot tea with my JetBoil. I enjoyed my lunch and reflected on my hike and life in general before packing up and heading back down. I only had one more trail on my Go North 9er Challenge after these two. Foliage was at it's peak and I felt fortunate to get out on these summits before the beautiful fall colors transformed into dull brown hues.

View of South Percy
North Percy Peak

Summit marker
North Percy

View of North Percy
South Percy Peak

Blueberry Bushes
South Percy Peak

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