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Magalloway Mountain

Panoramic view from Magallowy Mt.
Magallowy Mountain

Mount Magalloway was on my Go North 9er Hiking Challenge and I was excited to do this one because it seemed like a short hike with a great view. The only downside of this hike was it was about 2 hours from home. Mt. Magalloway is located near Pittsburg N.H. way out on a logging road basically in the middle of nowhere. Small vehicles be warned the road is a little rough, but is manageable if you take it easy.

There is parking at the trail head and there are two different ways of going up, The Coot Trail or The Bobcat Trail. We didn't know the difference between the two and ended up going up the Coot Trail. This trail was pretty steep and seemed like it was just cut out so it doesn't have any vegetation growing in yet. It was slick and rocky. I wouldn't suggest going up this way if it had recently rained. Out of the two trails this is the trail I would definitely go up and not down. We took the Bobcat trail down and it was a nice well beaten trail.

The initial climb was pretty steep but it flattens out close to the top. We reached the fire tower and were excited to climb up and enjoy the view. We were unable to actually go in the fire tower as it was locked, but the platform below offered just as stunning views. After soaking in the scenery from the fire tower we explored a little further down the trail to another amazing view point. For as far out as this trail was it was definitely worth it. It was a great Sunday drive and a beautiful hike.

Fire Tower on Mt. Magallowy
Fire Tower

Magalloway Mountain:

Location: Pittsburg, N.H.

Distance: 2.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 833 ft.

Rating: Easy

Go North 9er Challenge

Zion and I at overlook
Mt. Magallowy
" I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful - an endless prospect of magic and wonder." - Ansel Adams

Trail junction
Trail Signs

view from Magallowy Mountain
Mt. Magallowy

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