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Lonesome Lake Trail

This is not the first time I have hiked this trail. In fact I've probably hiked it half a dozen times. It's just such a great trail. It's great for beginners, it's a great winter hike, great summer hike, great for kids and pets and it's absolutely beautiful. There is also a hut just across the lake to take shelter or stay the night in. This time of year the hut is closed and also due to Covid. This trail just never gets old.

Snow covered trail
Lonesome Lake Trail

"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." - Unknown

View of Cannon Mt.
Lonesome Lake

We ended up picking a great day to hike up to the lake. It was pretty cold out with a brisk wind, but the sky was blue and clear. The warmth from the sun made the hike so much more enjoyable. Unlike the previous time I hiked the trail this time it was clear of ice. It did however have a weird texture. The snowfall we received a day or two before was granular which was pretty slippery in some spots. Luckily this time we all had our micro spikes. It was pretty chilly at the start of the hike but between the warmth for the sun and hiking up at a steady pace we warmed up very quickly.

My son and I on the trail
Lonesome Lake Trail

Lonesome Lake Trail:

Elevation Gain: 1,026 ft

Location: Near Lincoln, New Hampshire. Franconia Notch

Distance: 3.1 miles

Rating: Moderate

Time Frame: 2-3 hours

Lonesome Lake Trail Head
Lonesome Lake Trail

Upon reaching the lake the sun had disappeared for a bit and unfortunately our view of Franconia Ridge disappeared too. It was still a awesome hike across the lake and we did manage to get a nice view of Cannon Mountain. After getting a quick bite of food and some photo ops we quickly headed back across the lake into the shelter of trees where it was a bit warmer.

Lonesome Lake Trail
Lonesome Lake

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