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Gore Mountain

Updated: Jan 16

Gore Mountain Trail was the last of my Go North 9er Challenge. I think I saved this one for last because it is the longest and without a view so I kept putting it off. I did this one solo, which was probably my longest solo hike of the year. This trail offered no view and was about 4 miles out. I was a little nervous doing this hike alone as it is not a heavily trafficked trail. There was lots of animal sign and smells. The last thing I wanted to do was walk up on a unexpecting bear or moose with nothing but a measly knife to protect myself. The trail itself was beautiful and the stillness and wind blowing through the trees was very calming. Its nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere completely and utterly alone. It is both impowering and unsettling know you are absolutely by yourself among the forest and the creatures that live there.

My nice hot cup of oatmeal
Gore Mountain Trail

I did not think this trail was not difficult, but it did have some steep parts. It offered all sorts of different terrain and habitats. I walked through swamp like areas, berry patches, hard woods, soft woods, mud, near and over brooks. This trail was definitely an interesting one.

View of the trail
Gore Mt. Trail

After finally reaching the summit I had hopes that would get a glimpse of some sort of view even though I already knew there wasn't one. There was a side trail marked by two white blazes indicating some sort of overlook, but after roaming out there the only view was of trees that had taken over the view. If it was cleared it would have been a amazing sight. The only view from the summit was a creepy old cabin and a sign stating the elevation of Gore Mt. On the way up near the summit I spotted a moose track the size of my foot that was very fresh. I decided not to overstay my welcome and headed back down the trail before coming face to face with any sort of animals. I found a nice spot further down the trail to prepare and eat my lunch. I heated up some water with my JetBoil and made myself a nice hot cup of tea and oatmeal.

Me rocking my bright orange hat. It's hunting season!
Gore Mountain Trail

Once I finally made it back to my car I felt like I had been in the woods for far longer than I actually was. I love hiking the trail and being amongst nature but I was very happy to see my car. This trail kind of gave me a very eerie feeling. It was still beautiful without a doubt.

The creepy cabin
Gore Mt. Trail

Gore Mountain Trail:

Location: Norton, VT

Distance: 8.2 miles out and back

Time Frame: 4-5 hours

Rating: Moderate - Difficult

Elevation Gain: 1,975 ft

Elevation: 3,332 ft.

Go North 9er

NEK Mountain Challenge

Elevation Marker
Gore Mountain Summit
"Forests are living dreams made to get beautifully lost in." -Unknown

Trail Junction Sign
Gore Mountain Trail

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