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Elmore Mountain

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

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What were we thinking? It was a sauna outside and we planned on hiking 6 miles. We decided to leave around 5:30 and get to the trail head around 6:30. It was already hot And we hadn’t even begun. The parking lot was a mile away from the trail head as gates to the park were still closed due to Covid...damn virus. We walked a mile up the road before finally reaching the trail head sign. We decided to take the ridge trail up and then the fire tower trail down. Ridge trail was longer but less of a steep grade. The trail was relentless not because it was hard but because it was so damn hot. It had to be pushing 90 I thought. Sweat seeped through every pore of my body, but we kept pushing forward.

Two miles in we reached the ridge and it was an easy but hot trail to the four look outs. The first view point was absolutely stunning. The huge rock face offered a picture perfect view and a great place to stop for a snack. Despite the amazing view the sun was blazing down and sitting there for more than 5 minutes was impossible.

View from Elmore Mountain overlooking Elmore Lake
Elmore Lake

We enjoyed the view but didn’t hesitate moving on in hopes of shade within the trees. The boulders the trail hugged which would normally be cool offered little relief. We navigated to the next two view points before finally reaching the fire tower. A fellow hiker assured us there was a breeze at the top, but much to our disappointment there was very little to no breeze, but the view was amazing. We were granted a 360 degree view on a clear day. It was extremely hot, but as always worth the view. As one hiker once told me it’s the sweat I won’t regret.

The way down the fire tower trail was much steeper and rockier, but definitely shorter than the way up. Five something miles later we finally reached the end of the trail only another mile or so down the road to the parking lot. Just as we reached the car it started to thunder and sprinkle. We were hoping the sky would open up and pour down on us, but we had no such luck.

Elmore Mountain:

Elevation Gain: 1, 493 ft.

Distance: 6.4 miles from beach parking lot. About 4.5 miles from trail head parking.

Location: Lake Elmore, VT

Rating: Moderate

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

" We don't need a fancy resort to help us reconnect. We just need to sneak away from all this chaos and find a quiet place where we can play in the creek, watch the sunset, kiss under the stars and go to bed smelling like sunshine, campfire & true love." -Brooke Hampton
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