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East Mountain AKA Radar Base

View from one of the towers
Radar Base

The radar base in East Haven Vermont is one of those places that holds mystery and curiosity. Stories have been told about this place and it seems so eerie and ghostly. It feels like a place that simply should not exists it such random rural place in Northern Vermont. Why is it here? What was it's purpose?

Hiking up to the towers
Radar Base

The radar base was opened in 1956 during the Cold War due to threats of bombing from the Soviet Union. It was one of 44 radar stations to provide early warning and protection for strategic air command air bases in the U.S. The radar base housed 174 military personnel and was only in operation for 7 years. The base closed it's doors in 1963. It included a mess hall, bowling alley, rec hall, tennis courts and gym. Military personnel would be bused down to St. Johnsbury where the could do their shopping, go to the bar, and see a movie at the theatre. The base was originally named The North Concord Air Force Station, but was later renamed in 1962 to The Lyndonville Air Force Station.

The base also has some interesting and grim history. In 1961 there was a UFO sighting that lasted approximately 18 min. Later that same day Barney and Betty Hill from Woodstock, N.H. claimed to be abducted by aliens. In 1969 a couple snowmobilers went up to the radar base. The property owner unknowing that the snowmobilers were still out there gated off the road with a chain or wire. When the snowmobilers came back down the first one hit the gate and was decapitated. About 30 years ago someone exploring the base was on top of one of the towers and fell to their death. It is also listed on Vermont's hazardous site list.

View of a couple of the towers
Radar Base

Radar Base:

Location: East Haven, VT on East Mountain

Distance: 5.0 miles out and back from base

Rating: Easy - Paved road

Time Frame: 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,066 Ft.

Hazardous/ Dangerous Site

View of the towers from the base
Radar Base

It was a beautiful day to hike up to the base. This was my third time up here, but I can't warn enough how dangerous this place could be to someone who is not careful. My boyfriend and his daughter had never seen it and were interested to explore it for themselves so we decided to go for a little hike. We came up to the base from the Victory side and I was surprised to find that the gate no longer had warning or no trespassing signs covering it. It was also the first time I have seen so many people up there. It was a little unnerving as most of the people heading up seemed to think it's some kind of tourist attraction. We explored one of the towers carefully placing every step. The floors in the towers are rotting and falling apart making it very dangerous to walk across. We did not walk across any of the floors just the stair well to get to the top of the highest tower.

Me at the Radar Base
Radar Base
It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Thoreau

One of the towers
Radar Base

Ruins of one of the buildings
Radar Base

My son climbing up to the top of the tower a couple years ago

Road to the Radar Base
Radar Road

Rob and Avery in front of the smaller tower
Rob & Avery

Avery coming up the tall tower

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