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Cow Mountain

I wasn't sure how this hike was going to be. I've lived so close to it for so long, but yet had never heard of it. It wasn't until I started the NEK Mountain Challenge that I learned about it's existence. What a strange name for a mountain, Cow Mountain. I wondered how they came up with this. It's not like there are any dairy farms near by or anything like that. Regardless it was on my list of mountains to summit so I persuaded my family to join me on this snowy winter hike.

Summit of Cow Mountain VT
Cow Mountain Summit

It had just snowed the day before and I had no idea how the trail was going to be. Usually by this time of the year most trails are pretty packed out by other hikers, but this one was in the middle of nowhere and I wasn't sure how many people even knew of it's existence. We brought snowshoes but ended up just wearing our micro spikes instead. The trail was beautiful with all the freshly snow covered trees. Other than trudging through the snow the trail was fairly easy with very little elevation gain. We were so deep in the woods I was half expected to come face to face with a moose or some other woodland animal, but we did not.

My hiking day pack, my favorite one!
Hikers Pack

Cow Mountain:

Location: Guildhall, VT

Distance: 3.4 miles

Time Frame: 1-2 hours

Rating: Easy

Elevation Gain: 577 ft.

Elevation: 2,348 ft.

NEK Mountain Challenge

Beat up Cow Mountain trail sign
Trail Sign

The summit of Cow Mountain is less than exciting. There is no view or over look just a big rock and sign marking your achievement. You can see in my photo up above. Despite no view it was a gorgeous day to wander through the woods. If you're looking for peace and quiet with very little to no traffic on the trail this is perfect for you. There is no cell service so make sure you have a plan ahead of time. Happy hiking!

There are some that can live without wild things and some that can not." - Alto Leopold

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