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Cannon Mt. Via Kinsmann Ridge Trail

"The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask." -Nancy Newhall

4,000 footers of NH are being checked off the list left and right. Here is yet another one in the books. This one was nothing short of difficult, but the reward as always was worth it. This 4,000 footer is also a ski resort in the winter with a running tram and lodge at the summit. The trail i decided to hike up with my son was easier than any of the others as far as I could tell. According to All Trails this trek is considered to be hard. I would have to agree. From the very start of the trail it is step. My son joked about the beginning of the trail saying he knew why they called it Cannon Mountain, it was because the trail was shaped like a cannon ball rolling down it. I would have to agree that part of this trail did seem like this. It was curvy and half bowl shaped with lots of loose gravel. This could be a potentially dangerous trail when wet or in the spring when water follows down it.

Further up the trail it becomes very rocky and steep in some sections. It could be difficult in some spots for children and dogs. There were a couple areas that my son who is 10 was a little nervous about going up and down. He made it without any issues.

Upon reaching the summit we took in the breath taking views from the observation tower. It was cool looking out and seeing the Franconia Ridge Trail that I had hiked just a couple weeks before.

Fun Fact:

Mt. Cannon was previously known as Profile Mountain or Old Man's Mountain because of the stone face that once jutted out from the side of the mountain. In 2003 in came crashing down off from the mountain side. ☹️

Cannon Mt. Via Kinsmann Ridge Trail:

Elevation Gain: 2,326 feet

Location: Franconia Notch, Cannon Mountain Ski Resort, Kinsman-Moosilauke Region

Rating: Hard

Distance: 4.9 miles out and back

Time Frame: 3-4 hours

4,000 Footer

Elevation: 4100 ft.

"Only those who dare, truly live." -Ruth P. Freedman

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