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Herbert Hawkes Hiking Trail

Mt. Hor look out

The Herbert Hawkes trail is a great trail for beginners and offers amazing views. The trail starts from the CC Road off of Route 5A in Westmore, VT. This is only the second Vermont trail this year. It was beautiful hiking in the summer with the lush green fauna all around us compared the last time I hiked this trail which was in the late fall last year. Last year when I hiked it snowed dusted the ground and the cool air nipped at me and there was a leaf last on a tree and I was completely alone in the woods. This year however my son joined me and the woods was teaming with life. Hikers chattering away with each other with their fur babies accompanying them along the way. The birds sang sweet songs and the chipmunks rummaged through the forest bed.

Herbert Hawkes Trail

Herbert Hawkes Trail

"To me, heaven on Earth is exploring on the trail."

-Deena Kastor

The trail itself it pretty easy this would be a great hike for kids and dogs. Upon reaching the "T" the trail splits off in two directions. Left goes to the summit look out of Mount Hor .3 miles, right goes to the East Lookout .6 miles and North look out .7 miles. The summit look out has a view from the west side of the mountain looking over towards Lowell Vermont's wind towers. The East and North look out offer stunning views of Lake Willoughby.

Herbert Hawkes Trail

This is a great hike that offers some amazing views from 3 separate look outs. I highly recommend this trail if you are a beginner or hiking with children. It is worth the hike.

Herbert Hawkes Trail

Willoughby Lake View

Herbert Hawkes Trail:

Elevation Gain: 955 feet

Location: Willoughby State Forest. Off Route 5A onto CC road

Distance: 3.6 miles out and back

Rating: Easy

Time Frame: 1-2 hours

Herbert Hawkes Trail

"In wilderness lies the hope of the world." -John Muir

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