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Bald Mountain Trail, Vermont

View from Bald Mountain Fire Tower

This trail was the first trail in Vermont this year and the closest one to home. I've lived in the area my entire life and had never been up this trail until now. The view from the top was absolutely incredible and was pretty cool considering i could identify most of the surrounding lakes, mountains and towns.

Bald Mountain Fire Tower, Burke Mountain, Hiking, Nature, Vermont View, Outdoors
Bald Mountain, Vermont, Bald Mountain Fire Tower, Bald Mountain Trail, All Trails

The hike up was a little muddy and snowy in some sections, but overall was a pretty well maintained trail. The trail was muddy most of the way but was easy to navigate around all the mud. Closer to the top things got a little more difficult. Snow and ice still remains and using my crampons made life much easier.

Upon reaching the top there is not a view until you climb up the fire tower. The fire tower is well maintained and very stable. Climbing to the top might make those afraid of heights a little queasy.

Bald Mountain Fire Tower, fire tower, hiking, vermont

There is also a ranger cabin up top that is open and would be a great place to camp out for the night, the wood stove inside is a little sketchy and I would recommend only making outdoor fires.

There is also a privy for your use. Although i prefer using the great outdoors.

If you sit still long enough you might even get a glimpse of a bunny rabbit hoping around up there like I did.

Bald Mountain Trail:

Elevation Gain: 1,483 ft

Location: Westmore, Vermont off of Long Pond Fishing Access

Rating: Moderate

Distance: 4.8 miles out and back

Time Frame: 3 hours moving

"We need the tonic of wilderness. We can never have enough of nature." -Henry David Thoreau

Bald Mountain, M.J. Wild, Wildly Exploring The Unknown, Vermont, Bald Mountain Trail, hiking, nature, outdoors

View from Bald Mountain Fire Tower

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