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North & Middle Sugarloaf Via Sugarloaf Trail

The North and Middle Sugarloaf trail was a pretty cool hike that was rather easy to complete and a great hike to take with kids and dogs. These are 2 small mountains located just out of Bethleham, New Hampshire.

Middle Sugarloaf Summit

Sugarloaf Trail Head Map

My son and I hiked this trail on Saturday and had a great time. It included glacial erratics (Really big boulders carried to their location by glaciers), rock faces and even a ladder in one section of the trail. Both summits offer fantastic views; Mt. Washington, Mt. Hale, The presidential range, Mt. Deception, and Mt. Jefferson to name a few.

Glacial Erratic

You start off the trail trekking by the boulders and then start hiking in between Middle and North Sugarloaf until you come to the fork or T junction. Take a left to hike up Middle Sugarloaf and right to go up North Sugarloaf.

We decided to take a left and head up Middle Sugarloaf first. This trail is the side that has some rock scrambles and a ladder close to the summit.

Middle & North Sugar Loaf:

Location: Bethleham, NH

Off from Route 302 up Zealand Rd. Parking area on Right

Elevation Gain: 900 Feet ( Middle Sugarloaf)

700 Feet ( North Sugarloaf)

Time Frame: 2-3 hours moving

Rating: Moderate

Distance: 3.9 miles out and back

Ladder on Middle Sugarloaf

"The poetry of the Earth is never dead." -John Keats

Middle Sugarloaf

After exploring the summit, taking in the amazing view and grabbing a quick snack we made our way back down and headed up North Sugar loaf. This was a shorter trek to the summit and the summit itself was not as large as Middle Sugarloaf, but still offered some amazing views.

North Sugarloaf

Fun Fact:

There are dozen of mountains named "Sugarloaf". The name comes from sugar that use to be sold in cone shapes before it was sold granulated. This cone shape sugar was called sugarloafs and hence the name of some mountains that are cone shaped got their name.

North Sugarloaf

"May your time in nature lead you to yourself..." -Shikoba

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