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Mt. Crawford, New Hampshire

3rd solo hike of the year and it was a challenge. I'm a little out of shape after the long grueling Vermont winter and ready to get back at it. I've been sticking to 4-5 mile hikes and the first two I was already familiar with. I decided to step it up a notch and reach a little out of my comfort zone and try a completely new hike. I decided on Mt. Crawford. I read up on the trail and came to the conclusion that it was definitely doable for me solo. I was a little nervous about venturing out on a new trail alone, but i decided to do it anyway.

"The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run into it, it runs away." -Robin Sharma

Now, don't get me wrong hiking a mountain solo where you're lucky to see another person and there might only be a hint of cell service could definitely be dangerous. This is why i always tell at least 1-2 people where I am going, giving them all the trail information and my ETA. If you plan on going it solo always make sure someone knows where you are going and when to expect you back! Super important!

Here are some things you should probably know while hiking Mount Crawford..

Mount Crawford Trail

Located: Hart’s Location, NH to Hadley’s Purchase NH

Elevation: 3,119 foot summit

Distance: 5.0 miles

Time Frame: 4-5 hours

The summit of Mount Crawford is reached using Davis Path off of Rout 302. It was very easy to find and offered a fair amount of public parking.

davis path, AMC, Mt. Crawford, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, Hiking

Bemis Bridge, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, Hiking, Mt. Crawford, AMC

Start the trail off by crossing Bemis Bridge and then follow the trail until you cross the first part of the brook. Unfortunately, the first foot bridge to cross was completely submerged under water. Luckily I carry rubber shoe covers that allowed me to continue through the water without getting my feet wet and saving myself a long detour.

After this first obstacle the trail was well marked and clear. It become very steep and rocky for the remainder of the trail. The last mile was probably the most difficult. It became very rocky and had a decent amount of snow on the trail. I was able to hike up without snowshoes and using just my crampons without issue.

The very last part of the trail to the summit was a little hard to follow. The trail markers had worn off the rocks and I was left to rely on my All Trails App for guidance, but found my way up without any problems.

After a fairly strenuous hike up I finally made it to the summit of Mount Crawford. The 360 degree view was absolutely stunning. I soaked up the view for a while and devoured a few snacks before returning to the trail and heading back down.

This was definitely one of my favorite trails I have done so far. The view was absolutely breath taking and I highly recommend it for those who are up for a little bit of a strenuous hike. I can't wait to trek up this mountain again later in the season when it's a little sunnier or even in the autumn during fall foliage.

"peace is always beautiful" - Walt Whitman

Mt. Crawford, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, Hiking, Mount Crawford Trail

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